Wednesday (26.10.2016, Krakowskie Przedmieście 32, 00-927 Warszawa, Sala Balowa, 2nd floor).

8.30-9.00: Registration
9.00-9.45: Opening session (Zbigniew Bochenek), an overview of WICLAP, FINEGRASS, ClimaVeg and Monica projects (project leaders)
9.45-11.30: EO based sensors and methods, Chairs: Zbigniew Bochenek, Dariusz Ziółkowski

Korczak-Abshire M., Zmarz A., Karlsen S.R., Rodzewicz M., Storvold R., Kidawa A., Kycko M., Chwedorzewska K.J. Changing Antarctica – new possibilities of observations with UAV.

Jarocińska A., Kacprzyk M., Marcinkowska-Ochtyra A., Ochtyra A., Zagajewski B., Meuleman K. The application of hyperspectral images in the analysis of vegetation condition of mountain non-forest communities.

Bartold M., Bochenek Z., Ziolkowski D. Application of low-resolution satellite images for studying impact of changeable climatic conditions on forest development.

Ochtyra A., Zagajewski B., Kozłowska A., Jarocińska A., Marcinkowska-Ochtyra A. An assessment of the condition of forests in the Tatra National Park using decision tree method and multispectral Landsat TM satellite images.

Taff G., Murguzur F.J.A., Mølmann J., Jørgensen M., Dąbrowska-Zielińska K., Golinski P., Czerwinski M., Budzynska M., Kamenova I. Assessing grass biomass using satellite imagery in Poland and Northern Norway.

Gatkowska M., Marzialetti P., Laneve G. New approach to combined in-situ and satellite based observations of environment – Silex Clouds platform demonstration.

Orłowska K., Ochtyra A., Kycko M., Bochenek Z., Ziółkowski D., Zagajewski B. Application of hyperspectral methods in condition monitoring of North-Eastern Poland arborescent species.

11.30-12.00: Coffee/tea break

12:00-13:30 Climate change (Meteorology), Chairs: Dagrun Vikhamar-Schuler, Anna Jarocińska

Vikhamar-Schuler D., Isaksen K., Haugen J.E., Tømmervik H., Luks B., Vikhamar-Schuler T., Mezghani A., Bjerke J.W. Changes in winter warming events in the Nordic Arctic Region and in Poland.

Bandekar G., Odland A. Bioclimatic gradients in heath vegetation from North Norway to Spitsbergen (Svalbard).

Pakszys P., Zieliński T., Petelski T., Rozwadowska A., Makuch P., Gutowska D., Markuszewski P. Aerosol physical properties studied in Spitsbergen.

Kępski D., Luks B., Migała K., Wojtuń B., Westermann S. Spring snow disappearance from various tundra types – case study from Fuglebekken catchment (SW Spitsbergen).

O’Keeffe J., Marcinkowski P., Utratna M., Szcześniak M., Piniewski M., Mezghani A., Kardel I., Okruszko T. Index-based analysis of the climate change impact on wetlands in Poland.

Luks B., Migała K., Osuch M., Kępski D., Urban G. Modelling snow water equivalent in Karkonosze mountains.

13.30-14.45: Lunch

14.45-16.30: Environmental pollution, Chairs: Andrzej Kłos, Zbigniew Zembik

Zielińska M., Godyń P., Kłos A., Rajfur M., Dołhańczuk-Śródka A., Ziembik Z. The three-year study on accumulation of heavy metals in samples of biota growing in the forest areas of Southern and North Eastern Poland.

Pacyna A., Polkowska Ż. Contaminants in Arctic ecosystem- persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals in abiotic (soil) and biotic (birds tissues) samples derived from Svalbard.

Lehmann-Konera S., Gajek G., Chmiel St., Polkowska Ż. Spatial distribution of contaminants present in the surface ice of Spitsbergen glaciers (European Arctic).

Szopińska M., Szumińska D., Kalinowski P., Wolska L., Rosenberg E., Polkowska Ż. Identification and determination of various organic compounds marked as contamination in environmental water samples taken from the Western shore of Admiralty Bay (King George Island, Antarctic).

Kosek K., Kozak K., Jankowska K., Polkowska Ż. The influence of environment modification associated with the variability of chemical parameters on bacterial abundance in the area of the Revelva catchment (Southwest Spitsbergen, Svalbard).

Zagajewski B., Kłos A., Bochenek Z., Raczko E., Ziembik Z., Ochtyra A., Tømmervik H., Bjerke J.W., Jarocińska A., Orłowska K., Ziółkowski D., Kycko M., Wietecha M. Assessment of hyperspectral vegetation indices for heavy metal contaminations of leaves in Karkonosze.

Fudala-Książek S., Pierpaoli M., Luczkiewicz A. Fate and significance of phthalates and bisphenol A in liquid by-products generated during municipal solid waste mechanical-biological pretreatment and disposal.

 16.30-17.00: Coffee/tea break

17.00-18.30: Vegetation condition (critical levels and loads – air pollution, climatic thresholds, tolerance and/or resilience), Chairs: Katarzyna Dąbrowska-Zielińska, Katarzyna Chwedorzewska, Bogdan Jaroszewicz

Bjerke J.W., Tømmervik H. Understanding the drivers of extensive plant damage: insights from field surveys in the aftermath of damage in boreal and Arctic regions.

Tømmervik H., Karlsen S.R., Vickers H., Høgda K.A., Zagajewski B. Changes in growing season productivity of Northern vegetation inferred from long-term remote sensing data.

Jørgensen M., Mølmann J., Taff G. Impact of waterlogging under different temperatures on hardening and freezing tolerance of timothy (Phleum pratense).

Haugum S., Grytnes J. A. The effect of grazing and hiking on the elevational range shift for alpine plant species.

Kycko M., Zagajewski B., Ochtyra A. Analyzing the impact of human induced trampling on alpine swards by remote sensing.

Raczko E., Zagajewski B. Forest vegetation condition assessment of Karkonoski National Park based on APEX hyperspectral data – from forest to species level.

18.30-20.00: Icebreaker


Thursday (27.10.2016, Krakowskie Przedmieście 32, 00-927 Warszawa, Sala Balowa, 2nd floor).

9.00-10.45: Vegetation composition and distribution, Chairs: Hans Tømmervik, Bronisła Wojtuń, Stein Rune Karlsen

Bochenek Z., Ziółkowski D., Bartold M., Orłowska K., Zagajewski B. Use of high-resolution optical satellite images for analyzing forest biodiversity and vulnerability to variable climatic conditions.

Ziółkowski D., Bochenek Z., Bartold M., Zagajewski B. Studies of impact of changeable climatic conditions on forest development using remote sensing data from various acquisition levels.

Karlsen S.R., Sivertsen A., Chwedorzewska K., Zmarz A., Korczak-Abshire M., Kidawa A., Storvold R. Vegetation mapping using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) on King George Island, Maritime Antarctic.

Chwedorzewska K.J., Karlsen S.R., Sivertsen A., Zmarz A., Korczak-Abshire M., Znój A. Vegetation map of the forefield of retreating glacier, Admiralty Bay area, King Gorge Island (Maritime Antarctic).

Marcinkowska-Ochtyra A., Zagajewski B., Ochtyra A., Jarocińska A., Wojtuń B. Hyperspectral image data for mapping mountain vegetation.

Mezghani A., Piniewski M., Berezowski T., Szcześniak M., Okruszko T., Kardel I., Dobler A., Haugen J.E., Benestad R.,. Kundzewicz Z.W. New high-resolution gridded datasets of climate observations and projections over Poland.

Wojtuń B. Plant Ecological Research in Polar and Alpine Environments at Department of Ecology, Biogeochemistry and Environmental Protection.

10.45-11.05: Poster presentations (A1 posters + three-minute presentations of 3-4 slides, posters will be presented during the conference), Chairs: Adrian Ochtyra, Maciej Bartold

Jankowska K., Łuczkiewicz A., Kosek K., Kotlarska E., Polkowska Ż. Marine bacteria life during the polar night (Hornsund, West Spitsbergen).

Wierzcholska S., Dyderski M.K., Jagodziński A.M. Modelling the climate and habitat driven distribution of the bryophytes in different spatial scales.

Wietecha M., Zagajewski B., Orłowska K., Kycko M., Ochtyra A., Jarocińska A., Raczko E., Bochenek Z., Bartold M., Ziółkowski D., Kłos A., Romanowska E. Field hyperspectral techniques for evaluating the phenological changes and biophysical condition of forest in the Karkonosze Mountains and the Beskid Żywiecki.

Kozak K., Stachnik Ł., Kozioł K., Luks B., Polkowska Ż. Study on the mechanisms and pathways of spreading surfactants by atmospheric precipitation and deposition (a new source of information about the spread of anthropogenic pollutants) to the arctic tundra ecosystem in the Hornsund Fiord, Svalbard.

Filchev L. Land-use/land-cover change of Bistrishko Branishte UNESCO MAB reserve using very high-resolution Pleiades and WorldView-2 data.

Kozak K., Kosek K., Ruman M., Karasiński G., Stachnik Ł., Polkowska Ż. Whether the volcanic eruptions may have impact of occurrence of dioxin-like compounds in the aquatic ecosystem in the South of the island of West Spitsbergen (Fjord Hornsund, Svalbard)?

Twardy St., Kopacz M., Kurnicki R., Wierzbicki M. Influence of elevation above sea level and slope exposures on yielding of unfertilized pastures in the Małe Pieniny mountain range.

Pakszys P., Petelski T., Markowicz K., Zielinski T., Stachlewska I., Rozwadowska A., Stacewicz T., Struzewska J., Kaminski J., Malinowski Sz., Chilinski M., Lisok J., Makuch P., Markuszewski P., Strzalkowska A., Uscka-Kowalkowska J. Aerosol Research Network Poland-AOD.

11.05-11.45: Coffee/tea break + poster exhibition

11.45-13.00: Combined impacts of climatic change and pollution, Chairs: Jarle W. Bjerke, Bogdan Zagajewski

Dąbrowska-Zielińska K., Goliński P., Jørgense M., Taff G., Mølmann J., Twardy St., Budzyńska M., Golińska B., Tomaszewska M., Kowalik W., Czerwiński M., Kopacz M. Climatic changes on grassland growth, its water conditions and biomass – FINEGRASS project.

Goliński P., Czerwiński M., Jørgensen M., Mølmann J., Golińska B., Taff G., Dąbrowska-Zielińska K., Budzyńska M. Impact of changing climate on grassland productivity – case study in two contrasting geographical locations.

Czortek P.M., Eycott A.E., Grytness J.A., Kapfer J., Delimat A., Jaroszewicz B. Climate change drives plant species composition shift in the flora of the Tatry mountains summits over past 100 years.

Jerz D., Kłos A., Rajfur M., Dołhańczuk-Śródka A., Ziembik Z. The use of Comparison Factor (CF) in the biomonitoring research performed within the framework of the project WICLAP in South and North-Eastern Poland forest areas.

Ziembik Z., Dołhańczuk-Śródka A., Kłos A., Rajfur M., Zielińska M., Godyń P., Jerz D. Compositional data analysis in environmental data interpretation.

13.00-13.30: Discussion and closing session, moderator: Zbigniew Bochenek

13.30-15.00: Lunch